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NBA 2K18 review

NBA 2K18 has been qualified? Let’s take a look at our NBA 2k18 review

NBA 2k18 is finally out and with this new release comes a wave of changes to the game with regards to player, court, team dynamics, visual performance, mechanisms and gameplay. And therein lies the question on the minds of fans everywhere; is NBA 2K18 good or not? To help get the answer to this question, here’s a comprehensive review of the latest installment:

Something Good in this time -NBA 2k18

The players are very real than before
The developers have gone the extra mile to make in-game players a carbon-copy of their real-life equivalents. Physical attributes, shot prowess, intelligence, dribbling, emotions you name it, every aspect is an exact replica of the real thing. Every player feels different and this adds a little bit of diversity and breaks the monotony.

What’s more, the graphics are top notch and make the game so lifelike that NBA2k17 seems like child’s play compared to it. NBA 2k18 is simply stunning and captivating. Continue Reading