The last updates about the FIFA 17 by EA games 2017-february

A new big updates has strike EA sports FIFA 17 on the xobox one, PS4 and PC. The development arrives with some changes to the FIFA games career mode and ultimate team among other things. To get FIFA 17 new update, one must sign on to the account on the xbox one, PS4 or steam. The new change was introduced last week, however the patch notes have been offered this week only.

fifa 17 new updates 2017

Download size:

For those who have still to access the update of the game, its download size is shown to be below 1 GB based on the iDigitalTimes. Gamers are guided to assign 1 GB or more of the system’s storage space when they need to get access to the big improvement’s changes and features. According to the patch notes, the players of FIFA 17 must find how the defensive line placement for low pressure techniques has been changed. One of the gameplay altered has to perform with EA sports solution for the issue that makes players to pass in spite of not pressing any switch. The problems with the ultimate team of FIFA are fixed by the huge update also.

Latency bar visual:

The game today shows the proper kit for a gamer in the kit select display. The latency bar visual has been modified to give plenty of details on connection quality. At the time of gameplay, players will find that they are not capable of fiddle with player position. Some elements see on the FUT champions screen have been removed by the development. Players are on these days not able to see the estimated date, squad and crest name. The skill to raise the total rating of the squad by changing greater rated player with the small rated players in squad creating challenges has been changed according to MSpoweruser. In career mode, the problem that makes the system to present the incorrect wages weekly is even addressed by FIFA17 update.

Slow motion goal replay:

fifa 17 update 2017 febOn the presentation and visual side of things, EA sports makes sure that the big changes enhance slow motion goal replay actions, fixes EATV buffering and sound balance of fresh commentators and makes the language of the commentator to suit the one in the game settings. The smoothness of the FIFA game was the main thing to its fame. Few players encounter some issues. EA sports reacted fast to check the problems by announcing a new update to remove the issue. Based on the FIFA forum, the patch resolves the small problems. Presently players can solve the connectivity problems of the game. They can find a five bar system which really assist to recognize the quality problems when playing the game.

Encourage the fun:

There was a problem about the custom player placement. Some amount of players feels the phantom pass, one of the normal issues of the game. If this issue happens, a sudden pass can be done without availing the button. Now changing a higher rated with a low rated players is slightly possible. They cannot make custom player position at the game play. The developers have even checked the weekly wages. Changes is done to enhance the camera option, hence the slow motion can be seen effectively. The new changes really motivate the excitement of the players for the game.

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