NBA 2K18 review

NBA 2K18 has been qualified? Let’s take a look at our NBA 2k18 review

NBA 2k18 is finally out and with this new release comes a wave of changes to the game with regards to player, court, team dynamics, visual performance, mechanisms and gameplay. And therein lies the question on the minds of fans everywhere; is NBA 2K18 good or not? To help get the answer to this question, here’s a comprehensive review of the latest installment:

Something Good in this time -NBA 2k18

The players are very real than before
The developers have gone the extra mile to make in-game players a carbon-copy of their real-life equivalents. Physical attributes, shot prowess, intelligence, dribbling, emotions you name it, every aspect is an exact replica of the real thing. Every player feels different and this adds a little bit of diversity and breaks the monotony.

What’s more, the graphics are top notch and make the game so lifelike that NBA2k17 seems like child’s play compared to it. NBA 2k18 is simply stunning and captivating.

Animations and outcomes are unpredictable
NBA 2K18 gameplay is now more seamless and the transition between moves and animations are not only free-flowing but also more versatile now.

They are no longer as predictable as they once were and the wash and rinse approach synonymous with all you gamers will not cut it this time around. You have to think on your feet, outcomes and animations come thick and fast and are unexpected.

What about nba 2k18

Passing is more dynamic
The passing system has been revised and boasts much-needed improvements in terms of accuracy and execution speed. If, for example, you have two of your players in the direction you intend to pass the ball and you’re aiming for the furthest player, just hold down the pass button a while longer than usual to make the pass.

Fast breaks and rebounds have also been tweaked and no longer will defenders you leave in your wake cover insane ground that they have no right to. There have also been some stylish notable loose ball animation additions.

Improved shot meter system
The shot meter now gives you instant feedback. After making an unsuccessful shot, you’ll get information that will enable you to know whether it’s timing or any other factor that let you down. You can then adjust appropriately to make a successful shot the next time.

Single player experience is now a total package
The MyPlayer mode has embraced an open-world interaction, a concept akin to GTA games. In this open world hub, you can just walk the streets, go to the gym to train and has some nice environmental interactions to conceal loading times when mode switching.

The player’s journey is complemented by a MyGM mode called “The next chapter” that delves into the ongoings behind the court e.g. media, management and player interactions. Through the eyes of a former player, you’ll be able to get a feel of what goes on behind the curtains.

The MyTeam department has also seen a commendable uplift with new additions like Playoffs and Pack. Team dynamics and gameplay have been tweaked to match their real-world alternatives and you can build a team suited to your preferred style and strengths.

Shortcomings of the NBA 2K18:

Space and Lanes can get a bit tricky
While on the break, it’s a common occurrence to find many players concentrated in the paint. There can be up to eight players in this area at a go leaving few options at the three-point line and effectively constricting passing lanes and general spacing.

Online matches are experiencing frame problems
Calling for a timeout in a head to head encounter causes a dip in the frame rate, albeit momentarily. The problem is minor but not negligible however there have been similar cases with previous editions that were swiftly corrected with a patch. So no need to worry!

Unskippable cutscenes can be a problem
This particularly applies to the MyCareer mode that is amass with all sorts of animations and cutscenes. Of course they liven the gameplay however they can be a bother when you just want to get down to playing basketball.

IS nba 2k18 a good game or not

Microtransactions can be a nuisance as well
Gaining in-game money is an uphill task as am sure you’ve come to realize by now, and having so many microtransactions in place doesn’t do the cause any favors. Everything costs money from a simple T-shirt to upgrading player stats.

MT/VC coins are still a big problem for NBA 2K18 players

It is undeniable that a company needs to be profitable. NBA 2K18 as a game ontology charges, and in the game also built-in consumer system. 2K company is also borrowed from many successful game works. Nothing is wrong, making money is the most important thing. No profit, 2K companies will not bring players every year to update the better works. However, for the players, the NBA 2K18 MT coins will always affect or determine the player’s way of playing. Fortunately, there are many reliable sellers on the network that offer low-cost NBA 2K18 MT coins. Buy online MT coins or recharge VC coins, which are selected by the players. No matter what, I wish you happy in the NBA 2K18 world.

what about NBA 2K18 game?
Well, NBA 2K18 has all the traits you’re looking for in a good basketball simulation game; lifelike graphics, realistic gameplay, engaging modes of play and accurate player depictions.

Sure, it is not flawless however this year’s release shows great promise and there is a remarkable improvement from previous editions. It is an entertaining game that is definitely worthy of a place in any true gamer’s collection.

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