nba 2k18 on nintendo switch

Let me talk about the NBA 2K18 Nintendo Switch version features

There are a few things in this world which are simply unavoidable and this includes high-end gaming. While some people criticized gaming, most of them loved it. The reason is simple, gamers mentally adapt themselves to the game they are playing, they substitute themselves in the situation and play it. For example, one could be Wayne Rooney while playing Fifa. Your height, weight or age, nothing matters. The only thing which matters is you playing that game.

Talking about the current trends in gaming, a sports game based on Basketball is creating a hype and excitement among gamers. The latest version of this game, known as NBA 2K18 Nintendo Switch version is being awaited by gaming enthusiasts and Basketball fans. Let us know what is the reason behind this.

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Something about NBA 2K18 Nintendo Switch version

One of the big shots in the gaming industry, Electronic Arts announced in January 2017 about bringing FIFA series to the Nintendo Switch. While this announcement was going on, the screens also showed a logo of 2K Sports’ NBA 2K18. It was also announced that a Switch version for the same will be released in September 2017.

NBA 2K18 details

What does Nintendo Switch mean?

Nintendo Switch is a hybrid gaming console that has been developed by Nintendo. The meaning of Hybrid console here means that the device has Switch Console, Switch Dock, and the Joy-Con controllers. The features of this gaming console are unique and amazing. More than 4.7 million units of this gaming console have been sold since June 2017.

The Basketball game refers to NBA 2K18 where 2K means the switch version. So let us take a look at what is unique about this new version that is being awaited by gaming enthusiasts.

Salient Features

  • In this game, the user would be able to create their own player as per their requirement. This would fall under the category of “MyPlayer”.
  • The journey of own player would fall under “MyCareer” category. So this means that the user can make their own superstar player and by covering his journey.
  • A team could also be made which falls under the category of MyTEAM. This also includes new card types.
  • You may also be the manager of the team under the MyLeague and MyGM category. So the user will be able to take over an NBA franchise (obviously virtual).
  • The game supports up to 10 players.

These are just the features that have been announced and it is expected that more features will be announced soon by the company.

What about Nintendo Switch Gameplay?


Changes have always been risky and NBA 2K18 Nintendo Switch version is a change. It is yet not sure that how gamers will take up this version, but it is being eagerly awaited. There could be plenty of reasons for gamers to be skeptical and there could be plenty of reasons to adore NBA 2K18 Nintendo Switch version. So with a lot of positivity and wait for its release, the game could turn out to be a hit!

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