Game guide of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the hottest game on steam now. We present you this game guide in order to help you get started on your journey to become the best fighter in this exciting action game.

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How to fight

The Battlegrounds game starts from the beginning with intense action. It could be difficult to take down enemies. Depending on your gaming style, here are several basic techniques that you may use:

• Wait
This one is not really a combat strategy but it is, perhaps, the best game strategy you could use. Just wait and let other players to kill each other. Because you are in a game with many players, it is a good idea to wait until there is less danger for you out there. When you feel it is finally a good time, you may jump in to clear the area. However, you have to be aware of the fact that, as the game progresses, the battle area is becoming smaller, leaving you with less good vantage points and options for assaults.

• Close and loud
After disabling your enemy in some different fashion, you can use this gaming technique by firing on them in sudden, quick bursts. You may disable the enemy by using flash bangs or gas grenades and then open heavy fire. Your enemy will become ineffective to defend because he is disoriented and confused. For this combat technique is important to have some high-round weapons. Your sidearm is also very important, as it will enable you to continue your fight even when your primary ammunition is running out.

• Ranged fire
In order to kill distant enemies, this technique uses scope enabled weapons. Before opening fire, wait until your enemies are moving in a clear line of fire. This is giving you better chances to inflict major damage. The vantage point is a key aspect of the ranged fire strategy. Vantage points are map’s higher ground areas. Among these areas are included tall hills, second floor of buildings, and wooden areas.

Playing the map

Playing the map is an important part of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. These are key aspects that ensure your survival on long term.

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• Moving silently
Everyone is looking to kill you in this game. You need to learn the ability of moving on the map with no risk of attracting any unwanted attention. In order to achieve that you should be aware of fact that, while enemies might be at your every side, you don’t need to engage everyone. Don’t fire at enemies who are well-equipped. Everyone will learn your location if you start firing your weapon. Before opening fire, it is better to track and follow your enemies that are in a better position than you. Use the environment, the buildings, rocks, and trees.

• High traffic areas and choke points
Some map areas should be avoided, as they are high traffic. You may be attacked by other players in those areas. Among them are included most military bases, buildings and towns. On the other side, however, you can also take advantage of these areas in order to create choke points and set up ambushes.

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