An overview of the cars given in the Rocket League

Speaking about the game Rocket League car, one of the main things which the users usually wonder about is which the best car in the game is. In this article, we are going to do a detailed analysis of the game.

Different types of Rocket League cars

Let us now analyze the different types of cars available in the Rocket League. They are as follows:

  • Octane Rocket League Car type– This type of cars is similar to the default and original Octane Model. These cars have tall hitboxes and better kickoffs. It gives an amazing feeling while turning the cars. The list below shows the name of those cars whose stats match with the default model.

Octane Rocket League Car type

Rod Hog
Bone Shaker
DeLorean Time Machine
Octane ZSR
Rod Hog XL
Takumi RX-T

  • Dominus Rocket League Car type– The cars falling under this category share the similar and original statistics and structure of Dominus model. The most distinguishing feature of this category is that the cars have shorter and smaller hitboxes. The users will enjoy playing these cars as they have an easier time flicking balls. This type of cars is usually opted by the freestylers as these cars give a feeling of better stability in the air. The users will also experience an easy time hitting those balls that are placed on the nose and tip of the cars. Here is a list of the cars which are available under this car type-

Dominus Rocket League Car

Dominus GT
Ice Charger
Imperator DTS
70 Dodge Charger RT

  • Plank Rocket League Car type– This type of cars is usually based on the model of the Dominus Car type but more to the extreme level. These cars are short and popular among the mass. These cars are also long in length. These cars will give you the feeling of playing the Dominus car type with extreme ends of hitboxes. The list below mentions some of the cars that belong to this category-

Plank Rocket League Car

Twin Mill III
Centio V17

  • Breakout Rocket League Car type– The cars belonging under this category is a combination of both Octane and Dominus. It contains the features of both the car types. These cars have shorter hitboxes compared to others and generally, give a feeling of playing the Octane type of cars. The list of cars under this car type is not very big. The few cars are-

Animus GP
Breakout Type-S

  • Hybrid Rocket League Car type– The cars belonging under this category are a combination of both Octane and Plank type of cars. These cars have the higher hitboxes that are available for the Octane car types and the length is similar to the cars of the Plank type of cars. The list of these cars are as follow-

X-Devil Mk2

’99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
Jager 619RS
X-Devil Mk2

Rocket League Crates

Now let us look into these item drops in the game that are known as crates. These special crates consist of goal explosions, other forms of rocket boosts. They were introduced in the game in the month of September 2016. These special items can be unlocked in the game with the help of keys that are available in the manage inventory for sale. If players want to find a reasonable and reliable rocket league items trading service, I recommend that you can try – As a veteran online game service provider, MMOROG has a good reputation and customer service environment. I believe it can meet your rocket league trading needs.

Thus, the above list gives you an overview of the types of cars used in Rocket League.

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