Why Old School Runescape Game still has so Many Players at Now

Why Old School Runescape Game still has so Many Players at Now

Runescape game is one of the most popular games you can play online. Since it began in August 2007, it has gone through several changes with additional features that make it more interesting to players. Despite all the changes the game has undergone, the old school runescape has a lot of players even today. Here are some of the reasons why old school runescape game still has so many players at now.

Friendly servers

One of the major reasons that the old school runescape game has many players at now is that it has friendlier servers. With the standard runescape servers, you get several players that have maxed up skills. This means that it can be hard for you to get to the hiscores. However, with the old school runescape servers, it is possible for a player to get to the hiscores within a short time.

In addition to this, on the old school servers the players are provided a fresh start and it is possible for anyone to become an expert without applying a lot of effort as you play.

Economy based on barter system

When the game began in 2007, the game did not have grand exchange. This means that in order for you to sell or buy from other players on the old runescape, you have to get your buyers or sellers and agree on the right price. This might sound tiring, but it offers players a lot of fun making the old runescape more popular. It gives the players an opportunity to understand the items price, where to do the trade and help learn the mind of other players. Most players are still interested in mastering these skills because they make the game even more interesting and enjoyable. This makes them still find the old school runescape game a great option for them. If you want play OSRS game well, you can buy some OSRS gold for your character.

Availability of point and click combat

Many players are still interested with evolution of combat. There is equal appreciation of the new and old combat system. With the old school runescape, it is possible to play using either of the system any time you want. In the old runescape game, there is the point and click combat which is more popular among many players compared to evolution of combat. The other great thing is that the graphics are also liked by many players because it is very easy to identify things when playing the game.

Easy to stream

Another reason old school runescape game is still popular among players is that it is easy to stream. Even if you are a new player, you can stream it and play without a lot of hassles or stress. You will still do it and have a great idea on what is happening even if this is your first time. With RS it can be challenging to understand what is happening even when you watch another player streaming. This makes players opt for the old runescape because it does not offer a lot of challenges even to beginners.

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